"I started with CityFitness after having several gym memberships in the past that I just didn't stick to. The difference with CityFitness when I first walked in were the great facilities but even more so - the people were so friendly and supportive.
I signed up and had my free orientation session with my personal trainer to map out how best to go about my fitness goals and I haven't looked back. It's made a huge difference when I have a plan to follow!
I've been doing a few sessions a week with my trainer which is now affordable with the membership rate eing low, plus I love that I can bring a friend to the gym for free to train with me."

- Jesse
"My PT has helped me with my Strength and Confidence. Being guided by my PT gives me knowledge on how to look after myself especially now that I am getting into the mature age bracket.
CityFitness is a safe, enjoyable atmosphere which makes you want to continue training."

- Michelle Cameron
"CityFitness & my PT have helped me get through a very rough period in my life. Having access to the gym, the help & encouragement for my PT, I have a safe environment to go to, to relax & have some me time.
CityFitness is an enjoyable place to get fit."

- Karren Bartley
"Before training with my PT at CityFitness I had no confidence to come to the gym. I felt intimidated and had no idea what I needed to go to get to my goal.
I now feel confident in the free weights area and I'm on my way to achieving my goals quicker than I ever imagines. The staff and PT's at CityFitness are always friendly and encouraging. Trainging at the gym is one of my favourite hobbies now."

- Isabel
"Since I started training the biggest thing I've learnt is how to listen to my body and keep moving - especially during my pregnancy. My PT has been able to help me stay focused on how to train, why I'm doing it and where my hard work will take me, but my favourite thing about the gym would definitely have to be the people! It's a great, non-judgemental community and you can have a laugh but still get lots of serious training done!"

- Kimberley S