Group Fitness

CityFitness currently offers mind and body programmes at the Charlestown and Liverpool Street locations. These classes are designed to help you achieve your health & fitness goals along with improve your wellbeing.





Come to your mat and learn to go with the flow. This class is suitable for you if you're new to yoga or want to grow your practice from a strong foundation of postural alignment and mindful breathing. Experience the fundamental principles and poses of Vinyasa yoga whilst you flow through movement with breath, at a moderate but intuitive pace. A great starting point for everyone new to yoga. Unheated and for beginners.

Hot Yoga

Ready to go next level? Work your way to pro with more challenging poses, a renewed focus on breath and the opportunity to get upside down. We heat things up to 34c so this signature class will detoxify and strengthen your body while balancing your mind. Hot Yoga is truly the next level in taking your asana practice to the edge. We ask you take 5-7 Yoga (beginner) classes before you join this class. Heated and for experienced yogis.


A class focused on realigning and stretching the connective tissues of the body, Yin is about holding deep stretches, opening the hips, pelvis and spine to create space in the joints, release tension and calm the nervous system. Yin is the perfect counterpoint to the more energetic yang style yoga classes and appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness and flexibility. Unheated and for all levels.

Flow & Meditation

Flow merges movement and breath, creating a dynamic practice which focuses on flowing through a series of poses to build flexibility, strength and endurance. Flow will take you through a Vinyasa sequence, creating a dynamic and challenging experience every class. We recommend for you to take 7-9 Yoga (beginner) classes before taking Flow. End the class with a 10-15 minute meditation added to quiet the mind and calm the senses before facing the rest of your day. Unheated and for all levels.

Pilates Mat

A classic Pilates Mat class to help improve your flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture. This class strengthens and tones without adding bulk, creating long and lean muscles. Pilates Mat will strengthen core and back muscles, creating stability, improving posture and walking taller. Welcome to all levels.

Foundation Reformer

Our foundation Reformer classes are designed to give you time to familiarise yourself with the apparatus using exercises that take you slowly and systematically through the principles of Pilates, allowing you to link your breath as you activate your pelvic floor and your deep abdominal muscles. Beginner Reformer classes are about your level of Reformer knowledge rather than your fitness level and we recommend you take 3 to 4 foundation classes before joining an open class.


This machine based class uses springs and pulleys to promote length, strength, and flexibility. The instability of a rolling carriage with springs set at different levels of resistance provides stability challenges that develop core strength and promote better balance.


HITT classes are 30 minutes of high intensity TEAM training.
These classes combine short bursts of maximum-effort work, followed by a period of low-intensity recovery. HITT is a super effective way to get your cardio in, burn a lot of fat, and build strength and endurance – all within a short time frame.