Founded in Wellington, New Zealand in 1991, CityFitness is one of the largest fitness providers in NZ and has expanded into Australia in 2020. CityFitness Australia is part of a family of clubs around the world owned by David Patchell-Evans (Patch). Patch has over 400 clubs operating in Canada, 36 clubs in New Zealand operating under the CityFitness brand, and 4 in Australia with expectations of further growth.

CityFitness prides itself on providing extremely high value at a low cost by offering the most extensive selection of fitness equipment, programmes, and services available to meet your health and fitness needs. Their facilities provide an extensive fitness floor that is spacious and clean along with staff who are friendly and approachable. CityFitness is striving to make Australia & New Zealand the healthiest nations so it truly is a place for everybody without any judgements.